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Welcome to MoneyMent and WiseMorgan, your reliable partner for intelligent investments and financial growth. Our hedge fund was founded with the goal of bridging the gap between wisdom and prosperity. We at MoneyMent are direct partners with WiseMorgan, working together daily to provide our clients with the best service possible.


Continuous Growth

Our primary goal is to achieve continuous growth for our investors. We aim to steadily increase our returns and create long-term wealth opportunities.

Capital Preservation: We place a significant emphasis on preserving the capital of our investors. Our strategies are designed to minimize risks and ensure the safety of invested capital.

Transparency and Trust: We prioritize transparency in all our activities. We aim to gain and maintain the trust of our investors by providing comprehensive information and performance records.

Diversification: Diversifying our investment strategies is a key element. We strive to leverage a broad range of asset classes and trading strategies to diversify risks and maximize opportunities.

Community Growth: We envision expanding our copytrading community and involving more investors in our network. This creates a diverse and dynamic environment.

Sustainability: Long-term success is our ultimate goal. We aim to achieve sustainable returns for our investors while building a strong and stable position in the financial world.

Fee Structure

High-Risk Account: On the High-Risk Account, our commission rate is 30% of the profits generated.

Low-Risk Account: On the Low-Risk Account, our commission rate is 50% of the profits generated.

This fee structure illustrates our share of the profits from both accounts and reflects our financial participation in the outcomes of our trading strategies.


Earn money not only through Copytrading returns but also via affiliate marketing. When people sign up for Copytrading using your affiliate link, you get a 25% commission for the Low-Risk Account and 50% for the High-Risk Account.

Every Saturday, the commission is automatically credited to your RoboForex account. This affiliate marketing program allows you to generate income by recruiting new members to our Copytrading community and benefiting from a portion of their paid commission rate.

Invest Strategie

To diversify our risks and opportunities, we pursue a dual-track investment strategy.

Low-Risk Account: In our Low-Risk Account, our primary focus is on capital preservation and minimizing losses. We maintain a limited risk tolerance of a maximum 13% loss per day. Our trading decisions aim to minimize risks and follow conservative investment strategies. This account is particularly suitable for investors prioritizing safety and capital preservation.

High-Risk Account: In contrast, our High-Risk Account opens the door to more aggressive trading strategies and higher potential returns. Here, we accept a maximum loss of 33% per day, indicating a more risk-tolerant approach. This account appeals to investors willing to take on higher risks to potentially achieve larger profits. Transparent communication and a clear alignment with the individual needs of our investors are fundamental elements of our strategy. We aim to ensure that every investor has the opportunity to choose the risk level that suits them best and achieve their investment goals.


As a partner of WiseMorgan, we blend extensive financial market experience with a clear vision: aiding investors in making informed decisions. Our team of financial experts follows a strategic investment philosophy for long-term success. Our mission is to provide a secure and professional environment for investors to achieve their financial goals, serving as a trusted source for capital growth and stability.


,,We want to ensure that every investor has the opportunity to choose the risk level that suits them best and achieve their investment goals”

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We are proud to have achieved an impressive performance in the first 16 trading days. On our high-risk account, we have already recorded a return of 81%, while the low-risk account has generated a solid return of 34%.

What sets us apart is our philosophy of complete transparency. We share our trades and results on RoboForex without restrictions and in real-time. This means that as an investor, you have the opportunity to transparently track our performance in both successful and less successful trades. We value honesty and trust in our partnership and believe that this is the key to a successful collaboration.


RoboForex is a global online broker offering trading services in forex, stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. It provides various account types (ECN, STP, cent) to suit different traders and grants access to popular platforms like MT4, MT5, and R Trader.

  • Trade with up to 1:2000 leverage on any account type.

  • 4 account currencies (EUR, USD, CNY, GOLD)

  • Invest in fx with tight spreads from 0 pips.

  • Micro accounts with minimum lot size of 0.01


MetaTrader4 is a platform for trading Forex, analyzing financial markets and using Expert Advisors. Mobile trading, Trading Signals and the Market are the integral parts of MT4 that enhance your Forex trading experience. After testing multiple platforms, MT4 proved most compatible.

  • MetaTrader 4 is a popular trading platform for Forex/CFD
  • MT4 offers user-friendly charts, indicators, and more
  • Platform enables Expert Advisors for automated trading.
  • Multiple order types for precise trading strategy execution.

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